Organo Gold foundation and merits in the industry

Bernard Chia is the businessman who formed Organo Gold in 2008. He operates together with his partner, Shane Morand, who supervises the firm’s straight selling initiatives. The firm functions with a scientific advisory board in which Dr. Li offers specialized knowledge in the production sector. He monitors the facility and certifies the organic components of the coffee. Personal distributors buy goods from the firm’s wholesale to gain some benefits. Through their hard work, they sell the goods and receive a 50% commission on what they have sold.

Organo Gold utilizes multilevel marketing through which people endorse and sell the firm’s goods on a continuous process. The suppliers, sales team and the firm share gains as a segment of the domino effect procedure. Bernard’s goods mixture gourmet coffee with Ganoderma, which is an Asian herb. This is what has made the firm outstanding due to the herb which contains a variety of health benefits such as assisting in controlling cholesterol and has antiviral features. Furthermore, it helps in weight loss, increasing energy levels, can prevent cancer, preventing diseases that come from excessive alcoholism, supports the immune system, and reduces stress. The firm also produces Ganoderma products other than coffee such as Ganoderma supplements, Ganoderma blended hot chocolate, and tea.

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Organo Gold firm’s 2010 revenues were approximated to be $35 million globally, according to research findings. Coffee is preferred as a social drink that has resulted to be the core menu element of multiple coffee retail outlets. It is a beverage that is interesting to many, especially in the morning as they prepare to start their day. Organo Gold provides a variety of products extending from individual care Nutraceuticals to coffees. The firm functions with over 45 different nations across the world. The firm’s coffee products are also economical, making it easy for the customers to purchase.


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