Talkspace’s Goal is Pushed Forward Thanks to its Partners

In 2012, an app called Talkspace debuted its service of delivering therapeutic help online. Talkspace mission is to make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone. With the power of one’s fingertips, one can have access to conversing with a licensed therapist at any time. Similar to visiting a therapist face-to-face, conversations are held confidential between the client and the therapist. Talkspace seeks to eliminate the barriers that separate people who need help from seeking out a therapist. According to, around 75% of people in England with mental health problems may not have access to proper treatment. Also, according to, 1 and 5 Americans experiencing a mental health condition reported having an unmet need. Michael Phelps, who also experience anxiety and depression, recognizes the need for people with mental health issues to seek help, hence he teamed up with Talkspace.

When Michael Phelps was experiencing depression, he realized that he couldn’t handle it by himself and decided to seek out therapy. He regards the choice with helping him be alive here today. Therefore, Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to share how seeking therapy has helped save his life. This 28-time medalist world champion swimmer seeks to increase access to professional therapists so millions do not have to handle their difficulties alone.

Michael Phelps is not the only one who has confidence in Talkspace goal, but several others as well. As of today, Talkspace has raised a total of $59M in funding. They were recently funded $31M on September 7th, 2017 from venture fund Qumra Capital. Other investors were Norwest Venture Partners, Spark Capital, SoftBank, Compound Ventures and FirstTime. Talkspace plans on using the funding to boost the company’s growth and attract new clients.

Since the launch of Talkspace, they have provided an affordable and convenient method to access therapists for over 500,000 people in the United States. Related to its goal, 70% of Talkspace’s clients have previously sought out therapy. With this in mind, It seems that Talkspace is on the verge of accomplishing its goal in making therapy more accessible.


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