Sunday Riley is worth the effort

Buying skin care products can be a tricky business. The idea of spending thousands of dollars and ending up with painful, red skin means that some people are put off by the process altogether.

Sunday Riley has found a way to make the entire process easier, and with a more reasonable price tag. Sunday Riley, the person who is proud to give her name to the product line, has kept the price reasonable by sticking with her principles. By using social media to promote her products, the company has saved on the traditional advertising costs. The positive word of mouth that drives the sales speaks to the policy of letting the product sell itself.

The more modern, and organic, use of social media means that flashy ad campaigns are replaced with real people using the product.

As the hands-on owner of the line of products, Sunday Riley saves costs by being passionately involved in everything from the research and development to the design of the packaging. The simplistic, modern, sleek look of the product reflects its focus on what is inside the bottle.

Sunday Riley has shown that she is not driven by profit. If a product is not working then she is unflinching in her standards. While others would simply allow a product to remain on the shelves and be happy to take the profits, Sunday Riley feels no sentimentality. She will permanently remove a product if she does not believe it is worthy of her name.

The enormous success of the beauty product line means that Sunday Riley may soon be expanding into other areas, but the same attention to detail, high standards, premium ingredients and focus on passing savings onto consumers will be the hallmark of the operation. She will again let the product do the talking, and a positive social media presence will ensure that Sunday Riley will be synonymous with quality, price and the highest standards.


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