Meet Paul Mampilly: The Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly is known as both an author and an investor and currently works in Capuchin Consulting. His main focus is to help advise others into making good investments despite the critical situations that they may be. He is Banyan Hill’s Senior Editor since the year 2016 and a founder of the company’s newsletter. He writes a column weekly and runs two business ventures.

Education and Career

Paul Mampilly studied at Fordham University in New York and graduated with an MBA in 1996. He started his working career as a research assistant at Wall Street’s Deutsche Bank. He suddenly rose to run huge accounts. In the year 2006, he moved on to work for a $6billion company being in charge of the hedge fund. While in the company the holdings grew up to $ 25 billion a 43 % return and attracted attention which led to being named as the “World’s Best” by the Barron’s. Paul Mampilly says, his participated in the Templeton Foundation of $50 million and won when he made a return of 76% after two years. This victory made him appear on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox among others.

His financial gains have been made from investing in companies with future advancements. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics, Netflix, Universal Display, and Google all of which pocketed him huge gains leading to early retirement at the age of 40. Paul Mampilly is still in the finance world and he is using his time as both a researcher and an analyst to help the common people invest and make money and live better lives. He writes newsletters that give a proper insight on investment that touches the everyday person. He is also featured in TV shows answering questions and advising the general public on career choices.

The Bottom Line

Investment expert Paul Mampilly is very influential and puts the client first. He is charismatic and believes in every person’s dreams. He urges people to live in the present, to embrace technology and to use the knowledge attained to create long term systems that will help us see the bigger picture and invest ‘gold’ in it.


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