Jacob Gottlieb Of Visium Is A Man Of Vision And Charity

Jacob Gottlieb is the CIO of Visium Asset Management, a successful healthcare hedge fund with assets totaling $8 billion.

Gottlieb is the son of Polish immigrants that arrived in the United States in 1960 and settled in Brooklyn, New York where Jacob was born. Max and Helena Gottlieb, both successful professionals provided great role models for their son. Max worked as a professor of economics and Helena was a pediatrician. With this background in mind, it is no big stretch that Jacob Gottlieb grew up to be interested in both medicine and economics.

Gottlieb displayed an aptitude for investing at a very young age and in the 7th grade, he placed first in a stock selecting competition. Max Gottlieb, intent on nurturing the gift he saw in his son, set up a trading account for young Jacob.

Jacob Gottlieb maintained his two lifelong interests after high school and attended Brown University where he received an economics degree before attending and graduating from New York University Medical School.

Gottlieb went on to complete an internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital but soon decided that he as not interested in a career in medicine. His next move was to become designated as a Chartered Financial Analyst and the pursuit of a Wall Street financial analyst.

Gottlieb began his career on Wall Street in 1998 at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company. Gottlieb moved on a short time later with Merlin Biomed Group. Next was a stop at Balyasny Asset Management where Gottlieb made huge strides and earned the respect of colleagues for the large gains seen in his portfolios.

Jacob Gottlieb made the ambitious move in 2005 by starting Visium to satisfy a desire to become the manager of a larger fund. Gottlieb performed stellar work with Visium and at the company’s height, it employed 170 people and managed assets of $8 billion.

Jacob Gottlieb is also a man of charity and has been an active contributor to a number of non-profits based in the New York area.

A major focus of the philanthropical efforts of Jacob Gottlieb is the Covenant House, a non-profit that has been in operations since 1970 who provides support to homeless youth. The organization also champions the causes of runaway youth and those that have been trafficked against their will.

Two other charities that have benefitted from the generosity of Jacob Gottlieb is the Robin Hood Foundation, that pushes back against issues related to poverty in New York, and Math For America, which was founded by billionaire Jim Simons.


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