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Meet Paul Mampilly: The Investment Guru

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Paul Mampilly is known as both an author and an investor and currently works in Capuchin Consulting. His main focus is to help advise others into making good investments despite the critical situations that they may be. He is Banyan Hill’s Senior Editor since the year 2016 and a founder of the company’s newsletter. He…

José Auriemo Neto- Chairman And CEO Of JHSF

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José Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the largest real estate investment companies in Brazil known as JHSF. This company deals with the development of commercial and residential houses. It is actually the number one company in the country to engage in the development of malls. JHSF has started as a big construction company in…

George Soros And His Passion For Philanthropy

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George Soros has funded Open Society Foundations with up to $18 billion. This is the largest sum George has ever done in a single donation. George Soros is passionate in philanthropy and so far, he has given over $32 billion. This is not enough for him because George aims at doing as much as possible….


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