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Makeup fit for Unicorns

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In the beauty industry, there are many similar brands with the same voice and vision. In such a large demographic it is sometimes hard for a particular company to stand out. That is not the case with Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime, started around Halloween 2008 by musician turned entrepreneur Doe Deere is recognized for…

Helane Morrison’s Fight Against Financial Predators

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Investment banking was largely a male dominated field. However, this domination is changing with the new crop of ambitious women in the field. One of these women is Helane Morrison. She works at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Helane holds three positions at the firm. She is the managing director, chief compliance and general…

The Importance of Compliance Officers in the Fast-Paced Corporate World

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It is quite unfortunate that many people have no clue about the role played by compliance officers. This is however excusable due to the fact that these professionals have only been around for a short time. Fortunately, their reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years. The formation of the Society of Corporate…


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